Jessica Macedo


 "Suzane is one of the best coaches I've had. She knows when to push you, or when to take a step back if needed. Has a million different ways to explain something and wont stop until its something you can understand. I've never progressed as much or as quickly as i have with Suzanne. She really teaches the real art of riding not just the easy stuff and even if your in it just for fun she trains you like a pro and gives it 100%" 

Sandy & Alysa DelPapa


 Suzanne is amazing. She insists on students having a good basis to build on. (balance & form) She understands the thoughts, feelings & fears of not just the rider but the horse as well. She gives individual attention to each rider & has lots of exercises & ways to correct bad habits.  She teaches skills appropriate for the rider’s level but always encourages her students to be the best they can be. Because she has competed at a high level & is qualified to judge some competitions, she has the technical knowledge for those who wish to ride competitively. However- her best quality is that she really cares about her students & their safety & always makes riding fun. She is truly an awesome coach.