About Us

Almost 40 years in the horse industry began with a simple visit, as a 5 year old, to meet a horse owned by my parent's best friend. I began lessons in a local riding school within a month.  Shortly there after my competitive career began - in barn schooling shows, Trillium, A and FEI.

By the time I was competing A, I had Trillium students competing. In my early 20s I had the great fortune of working with one of the best Eventing coaches in Ontario and with a member of the Canadian Dressage Team.  I also had the luck of working with a top level Jumper coach and course designer. They taught me how to train and work my horse from youngsters to Grand Prix competitors.

I've worked with some greats in the industry and I have worked for some of the greats - learning many styles and techniques that I can now pass along. 

The one thing that as never changed is the simple love of horses. I've backed, trained, vetted, showed and loved from afar, all ages and breeds - from Arabs and Thoroughbreds to Morgans and Canadians to Clydes to backyard accidents.  The pony in the picture on this page was a backyard accident I picked up for $250 as an almost 2 year old. I backed her myself and by the time I sold her as a 6yr old, she was almost 3rd level dressage pony.  I still miss her deeply.

I've also ridden and completed AQHA - reining and pleasure. Some fantastic memories and great stories of learning how to rein! 

My greatest goal as a coach is to have my riders "ride over me"